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                      Wheel Truing and balancing stands and Kits.


Here are our items to assist you in truing and balancing motorcycle wheels, wether as a stand alone item, or as an add on kit to convert our Red or Blue engine stands to wheel truing jigs. 

Motorcycle wheel truing stand
                                                        Stand alone wheel jig.  £73.00


This is our extremly versatile wheel truing / balancing stand. It can be used for truing wheels after building, or balancing wheels after the  tyre has been fitted. It will easily cope any size up to a 21" rim. ( 29" overall with tyre. )

The stand comes equiped with a stainless steel spindle, on which slide two accurately machined aluminium cones and locating collers, both items held in place with grub screws. A stainless steel pointer is also provided, which is held in an adjustable holder, enabling a high degree of accuracy to be achieved when truing a wheel. The stand features one fixed and one adjustable height upright leg, allowing the spindle to be set at a true horizontal by using a spirit level. 

Another major advantage of our stand is, because of it's adjustability, it can be used to true cranks as well, and also after use the stand can be taken apart to enable easy storage under the bench !

This item lends itself to multiple uses, for example it can also be used to assist when paint striping a rim.

                                                 Add on kit for Red engine stand  £30.00


This kit enables enables those that have purchased our Red engine stand to adapt their stand for use with wheels. the kit simply bolts in place,set the spindle horizontal with a spirit level and it is ready to work with rims up to 24" diameter.   

                                     Add on kit for Blue engine stand £ 25.00


     As with the Red stand above this kit enables the same to be done with the Blue stand, except the effective working diameter is increased to 29".

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